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openCDMS Collect

A training script is available that works through the basics of using the Collect application for data entry. This uses the Outlook dataset as an example, but even if you are not an Outlook user the tutorial is still suitable for teaching you the concepts of data entry with Collect. There is a video that accompanies the tutorial that you can watch in your web browser; this shows visually how to complete the tutorial and is well worth watching first.

  • Video (if you have any comments or feedback on the video - it's the first one we've done! - please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
  • Tutorial script

Note: To be able to do the tutorial you will need a username and password for our "test" system, which is hosted on the public internet and is completely separate from the "live" system on the NHS. The username and password you can use is: username opendms and password opencdms.

If you are using an NHS network connection you may need to perform some additional configuration before you are able to run the tutorial. Please see the following document for details: Connecting to the openCDMS test server over the NHS network

openCDMS Create

A demonstration video showing how to use the openCDMS Create application is available:

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